From startup to standout: Help your founders build a Brand Investors Love

The Brand Investors Love workshop

Calling all Investors, M&A Specialists, and Incubator Heads.

The Brand Investors Love workshop provides unparalleled brand-building knowledge to founders, turning startup stories into investment magnets

The workshop includes:

Deep Dive into Brand Perception

The fundamentals of brand research. Discover the outsider’s viewpoint of your brand, and how to optimize your narrative.

Product vs Brand Leadership

Delve into the difference between being a product-led and brand-led company. Learn why putting your brand in the driver’s seat accelerates scalable growth.

Craft a Striking Value Proposition

Work with tools like the Value Proposition Venn and the Value Ladder to develop propositions that resonate and captivate.

De-stress the Testimonial

Wrap up with a testimonial practice session. Learn to extract powerful testimonials that reinforce and elevate your brand’s value.

Attendees say:

Marc will help you to laser focus and become brutally efficient. His workshop makes you happy, excited, full of energy. Because finally, there is no fog, just clear vision and understanding. Now you know what to do, and can enjoy and develop your business.

Mark Vasilliy Smetanin - Founder

Marc is professional and engaging. His presentation was certainly not boring while being educational. His approach to complex concepts with simple solutions is no easy task, and Marc provides them with ease. I would highly recommend working with Marc to overcome business obstacles to reach the next level.

Ryan Nelson - Founder