The value enhancer

Brands Investors Love is the product of a 35 year career in advertising and consulting… and an overnight global meltdown in startup investment.

Marc Stoiber began his career as a writer / creative director at leading ad agencies in Asia, Europe and North America. He left big advertising to start Change, an agency committed to making sustainability sexy. After a successful exit, he began consulting directly with startup founders. 

Stoiber began to see more and more investors and M&A specialists tap his services to enhance the value of their portfolio companies. When one M&A advisor dubbed him the value enhancer, he had a lightbulb moment.

He realized creativity only mattered if it drove ROI. The path to that ROI was through de-risked scalable growth, turning product-led startups into brand-led companies that could jump from early adopters to mainstream consumers.

In 2023, rising interest rates decimated startup investment. This drove even greater demand for Brands Investors Love. Founders realized that brand fundamentals were critical to success, even (or especially) without investment. 

Today, our brand building is helping founders raise funds and get better exits, while we engage more investors, exit specialists and customers to help us find new tactics and strategies to build more effective brands.