Investors love brands with clear, compelling value propositions.

Brands with strong product / customer fit.

Brands that can scale sustainably without risk.

We build Brands Investors Love.

Want a Brand Investors Love? Let’s start with your value proposition. Do the value prop evaluation, and get a free one-on-one analysis.

What does a Brand Investors Love deliver?

01. A compelling value proposition

02. Product / consumer fit

03. Persuasive, inspired storytelling

04. Sustainable, scalable, de-risked growth

05. Alignment and efficiency


Gardening Know How is the most visited gardening website in the world. Marc enabled us to identify a brand strategy that would facilitate our next stage of growth, then helped us define and refine our essential brand building blocks.

Peggy Doyle, CEO

The founders in our accelerator are often intellectually advanced, but they struggle to communicate their products and services in a way that generates excitement from customers and investors. By the end of three sessions, Marc had them communicating their value proposition in a compelling story that elicited smiles, nods and applause!

Erin Athene, Entrepreneur In Residence

Marc’s talent for making complicated concepts simple and creative was instrumental in developing a presentation plan that helped us prepare for – and WIN the $1 million TD Ready Challenge.

Nick Dechev, Founder

Marc’s communication efforts resulted in significant and measurable gains in brand awareness, opinion and key brand attributes that had a proven correlation to business growth.

Karla Congson, CMO

With Marc’s help, I have taken my business to a place where I can add more value and create new sources of revenue, in addition to building intellectual property.

Joao Gaspar, Founder

I have seen Marc work directly with multiple entrepreneurs, and I have literally seen the light come on in their eyes from his insight.

Michael Conniff, Founder

Regardless if you’re fresh out of the garage with your idea, or you’re in a solid revenue position and want to improve, Marc’s experience, brand intuition and enthusiasm are worth every penny.

Julie Veres, Founder

We created a unifying brand identity that immediately invigorated not only our clients, but our workforce as well. Positioning, mission, values, brand identity, feeling, imagery. We captured it all.

Kyle Goodwin, Division Leader

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